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    Real People, Real Stories

    “This course has provided me with the skills, knowledge and therefore the courage to do something that will provide the life I want for my family.”

    What people are saying about the book

    “This book isn’t like the others I’ve read as the stories are real life and most importantly attainable. Once I started, I had a hard time putting it down. I’ve already passed this book along to friends with many others asking about it.”.
    Jason Tansem; Publisher, Sun Cruiser Magazine

    “This was one of the best books I’ve ever read because they were real life cases. I learned the most so far from EVERYDAY Real Estate MILLIONAIRES™ & the Rich Dad® series.”
    Jim Koumanis; MD

    “Wealthy Barber for Real Estate Investors! I could not put it down and plan to read it a 2nd & 3rd time. My wife never reads financial books, yet she picked up EVERYDAY Real Estate MILLIONAIRES™ every time I put it down.”
    Jeffrey Burgis, Sales, BC

    “Simply Sensational! I’ve read a lot of real estate books but NOW I have finally found the roadmap and the mentor! This book delivers creative, calculated ideas and actions with measureable, step by step results!”
    Dawn King, Author of Living a Vibrant Life

    “There have been countless books, seminars and even reality TV shows around real estate investing. Much of it is based on HYPE and GET RICH QUICK schemes. This book DOES NOT belong in that category! You’ll see the choices made in order to move forward during difficult times. Once I started, I had a hard time putting the book down.”
    Darryl Kelly, Real Estate Investor, AB

    Reading EVERYDAY Real Estate MILLIONAIRES made me feel like I was on the same level as the investors in the book, as opposed to being preached at by so-called “gurus.” The stories felt like they could have come from my neighbor as I read about their real struggles with life’s every day challenges. An easy read with simple to grasp concepts!”
    Leigh Dawson, BCOM, Investor

    “EVERYDAY Real Estate MILLIONAIRES™ was hard to put down! It was so interesting that I passed it on to my wife.”
    Rob Tilman, Author of Xtrapreneur

    “Not your typical real estate investing book – perfect for the novice right up to the advanced investor. The tips and ways around traditional financing really opened my eyes. I have read most investing books out there, and they all repeat the same vague message, never giving out the real “tricks” of the trade. This book actually does!
    Traci Thompson, RE/MAX REALTOR® & Investor

    “Paul Hecht inspires investors to become more. I love the real life applications and scenarios in EVERYDAY Real Estate MILLIONAIRES. It is a must have book to keep with you always. Seeing Paul speak live is even more captivating.”
    Rod O’Keefe, OMREIC Investor Club, BC

    “Paul’s book simply opened my eyes to what creative things can be done. I enjoyed the real life stories or REAL everyday people who took big steps, small steps, failed, succeeded and overcame obstacles. Paul has a great story and trust me when I say – he will motivate you!”
    Janey Kasprzak, Sparkling Hill Wellness Resort

    “Hey Paul, I just want to thank you for wonderful advice, your honesty, the depth of your email Newsletter and what you wrote in your book EVERYDAY Real Estate MILLIONAIRES™”
    Chris Doell, Contractor

    “There are so many books and gurus around telling you to buy real estate with no money down, but none of them have any really practical (or legal) advice on how to do it. The strategies in this book are as simple as investing gets and don’t operate in the gray-areas of the law. Best of all, anybody can invest this way – age, credit rating, bank account balance… none of it matters. You can be bankrupt and broke and still make it with these ideas”
    Phillip Theriault; CEO Spellweaver Technologies

    “I truly recommend Paul Hecht’s training, his book EVERYDAY Real Estate MILLIONAIRES and him as a person to help you along in your journey to be a real estate investor and millionaire. He is down to earth, very accessible and everyday people can relate to him.”
    Alicia Dunams, Author of GoalDigger

    “I gotta tell you, EVERYDAY Real Estate MILLIONAIRES is fantastic! I was excited about RE before I started reading this, but now I am more confident that I can really do this. What a practical book. One of the easiest books to read that I’ve ever picked up – it’s just everyday people talking straight to me. Great amount of info and tips from a practical point of view – Thanks Paul.”
    Linda Sue Norvell, Woodland Hills, CA

    “Paul, I just wanted to express my gratitude. Thanks for helping ordinary people set and achieve their goals.”
    Marc Provencher

    “I have already given away 3 copies of this book to friends because this book is about real lives and real people!”
    Rofida Kaboli, Tenant, QC

    “I couldn’t sleep after I finished this book! My daughter is equally excited to know that she doesn’t have to be an employee for 30+ years before she is able to do what she truly wants.”
    Hazel Dawson, Investor

    What people are saying about mentoring

    “My experience with Paul’s Mentorship program was excellent. He understands mentoring, knows how to challenge a student and he is very knowledgeable. I was not spoon-fed answers and had to work through challenges which ultimately gave me confidence in my own decisions. The costs of making errors in real estate can be very expensive. Knowing that Paul was there to help and direct me was reassuring and saved me thousands. I would highly recommend his mentorship training programs to anyone interested in challenging themselves to step up and profit in Real Estate.”
    John Huston, Kelowna Flightcraft

    “Paul has a wealth of knowledge. He was always there for me and saved me from several bad deals which would have cost me over $100K. He installed the confidence and personal belief that I could go out and do it. Others have told me that they have regrets about other programs. I have none. Paul’s depth in multi-family and rent-to-own is huge and he has many different options – not just one-size-fits-all. The biggest value was in the personal touch. Many thank-you’s.”
    Rick Seutter, Former Principal

    “Paul was one of the first people who got me educated on real estate investment. I knew a little bit about it before but Paul gave me the tools to go out and put it into action. I became a millionaire with Paul’s strategies. I’ve known Paul for about eight years now and I owe it all to him.”
    Carrie Hutten, Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Intelligence

    “Thought maybe we could offer a testimonial for you or you could use us as another example of everyday people that have made millions in real estate (we made a few – thanks to you). Tammy and I were both blue collar workers in the Loomis courier business when we got started. We now own $10 million worth of real estate. I finally quit my job last year as I was too busy with real estate to go back and train someone new. Let us know if we can do anything for you. ”
    Roger Panchuk, RTA Venture

    “I am a full time real estate investor and licensed agent with REMAX and specialize in helping other investors like myself. Paul was a major catalyst for me to take that leap and really take control of my life by investing in real estate. I had read all the books and taken many seminars before but nothing can beat real life experience and Paul definitely had the street experience and the knowledge it takes to be successful. I was immediately able to go out and use Paul’s strategies. I increased my portfolio within just a few months. His advice and training helped me get where I am today and I would highly recommend Paul to anyone getting started in real estate or like myself wanting to take your investing to the next level ”
    Warren Hansen, Investor & REMAX Realtor

    “We always knew that smart real estate investing can be one of the most successful ways to generate wealth. What we didn’t know was how we could make it happen for us. We turned to Paul Hecht seven years ago to help us get started. Not only did Paul mentor and guide us through the often confusing and intimidating world of real estate investing, but he also became a trusted friend that we still keep in touch with today. Thanks to Paul our real estate portfolio is healthy and growing and we are well on our way to the financial freedom a regular pay check could never give us.”
    Tim Fluet, Pharmacist & International Real Estate Investor

    “In my current business I’m frequently asked if I were to start over in Real Estate, where would I begin? I can say the first call I would make is to Paul Hecht. Paul taught me not only how to look at Real Estate from different angles, but helped me improve my personal productivity and confidence. As one of Paul’s business partners, we turned a $1,000 investment into almost $4 Million Dollars in Real Estate in 3 years! I am now able to look at any business opportunity with confidence and the knowledge to properly analyze it. This knowledge and confidence has been the catalyst to ensure my family’s future is secure.”
    Dean Udsen, Partner, 21st Century Lifestyle Inc

    “This course has provided me with the skills, knowledge and therefore the courage to do something that will provide an income for my family. In turn this will allow me more time with my family. After all, what is more important than quality of life and time with your family?”
    Dori Westin, Silversmith, Alberta

    “After 29 years of owning and running our own business, we knew we had to invest our money wisely as we couldn’t afford mistakes at this point in our lives. We did not have much success with mutual funds and the stock market in the past, and frankly they didn’t interest us as we had very little control. That led us to Paul Hecht who we met 8 years ago. We took his real estate mentoring program which was very thorough and easy to understand. We made 32% per year for 2 years in a row on our first transaction. Our next one made a profit of $98,000.00 giving us 90% ROI on our money. Then we did the same with a 4-plex, which we still hold today. Paul is honest, has integrity and his advice is sound and thorough. He taught us how to do well in all real estate markets, whether up or down, if you buy right and know your exit plan. We wouldn’t be in the positive financial position we are today and able to enjoy our retirement without his training and mentorship”
    Rob & Joanne B, Retirees

    “Paul has given advice to me on real estate matters that have significantly increased the value of my real estate holdings. He knows real estate. Since working with Paul I have noticed that he uses his considerable experience to look at broad market trends in the industry which help him identify specific opportunities in regional markets. He is always learning and assimilating new information which helps with his ability to pick up trends well ahead of the crowds. Unique to Paul is his experience of being a real estate agent and a real estate investor. This gives him real insight as he has been on both sides of the fence and knows what really speaks to sellers and what buyers really need to know! Bottom line is Paul Hecht is a nice guy who makes you money”
    Dr. Lance Couture, Canada

    “I’ve known Paul Hecht going on 8 years now. A general comment I’ll make is that some people talk a lot and do very little. Paul would be the exception to that. The entire time that I’ve known him, he has always been a stand up fellow that does what he says he’s going to do in the good times and in the bad times. He has always maintained his personal integrity and the highest of possible standards in terms of how he conducts himself. In that regard, Paul is probably one of the best people that I have worked with at this point in my real estate career ”
    Cam Acheson, Investor and Businessman

    “I took your advice and made sure everything was in order before the conditions were lifted. I got the extension, arranged an appraisal and made sure the money was in my bank before going forward. I just got off the phone with the new tenant (mother of three) who is so excited, happy and so grateful that I was able to help them on their way to home ownership. They really have picked out their dream house and are delighted. Judging from the appraisal, I already have equity built in at the price I got it for and there were two other offers waiting on the property, hoping my conditions wouldn’t be met! I just hung up the phone with the new tenant/buyer and had tears in my eyes. This is definitely the work I want to be doing for a long time. I can’t believe there is something I can do to create cash flow that helps other people so much. I learned a big lesson too….confirmation of what I’ve always known….that everything happens for a reason. Visualize an end result and the universe works in mysterious ways to make it all happen. I realized that the little snag I had was really a blessing in disguise because, like you said, it got me to learn really quickly how to ask for money! That’s not my favourite part but I did it, and now I know I can do it again and again! Also, because the down payment was slightly larger, the monthly payments aren’t as high so my cash flow is larger and he’ll be able to buy it back sooner. You did have miracle angel wings Tuesday because when I phoned you I thought I wouldn’t be able to put the deal together for them. However, you guided me in the right direction and it all came together. Thanks so much for all your help ”
    Beth Wallace, Sales Manager

    “My wife Rochelle and I met Paul in the summer of 2007. In one afternoon we learned more about investment real estate than we had learned over the past two years of reading books and attending other seminars. We’ve attended other real estate seminars before but the other speakers seamed like they we holding back, and just giving tidbits of information. Whereas Paul was honest and laid it all out for us, explained everything and was very welcoming when we had any questions. I’d definitely recommend Paul. He knows a lot and definitely helped us on our way. We purchased our first investment property and we owe a lot of that to Paul.”
    Dave & Rochelle Mulder, Architectural Technologist

    “We currently own 5 rental properties now. Our objectives were two fold: 1) financially, it allowed us to prepare for our children’s college expenses in an effective and profitable way; and 2) it gave us a venue to teach our sons business, investing and trade skills that they are likely to use throughout their entire life. While our project has succeeded at both of these objectives, we have enjoyed a third and even more valuable benefit….spending time with my sons roofing, plumbing, painting, constructing, laying tile and every other imaginable task in these houses has built their self-confidence and strengthened my relationship with them. Many of their teenage peers are struggling with self-identity and struggling to communicate with the parents. Having a common purpose and some common interests gives us common ground
    Mike Evans, Lawyer

    “Before I met Paul, I was working full time and investing part time for several years. I had wanted to increase my Real Estate IQ so I had been looking for a strong mentor. I attended Paul’s weekend course and it was immediately obvious to me that not only had I found my mentor but I had also found my preferred method for investing. I hired Paul as my mentor, left the “rat race” and within 18 months I was financially free. I simple love the life I am leading now. I’m much more in control of my time and I not only have lots of freedom, I much more readily see the path of success in front of me every day. Thanks Paul for helping guide me along this path to success.”
    Don Cecile, Full Time Investor (Former School Vice Principal)

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