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    Everyday Real Estate Millionaires™ - Mentorship Programs

    What Could You Accomplish if You Had Personal Access to Someone Who Went from
    Business Failure to Real Estate Millionaire in 24 Months?

    Someone Who Has Personally:

    • Flipped Property
    • Assigned Contracts
    • Created A Canadian “Pre-foreclosure”
      System Which Generated Hundreds Of Thousands In Profits
    • Created The Original Rent-to-own Using Options And
      Sandwich Lease Options
    • Owns Multi-family Apartment Buildings
    • Completed Several Condo Conversions
    • Completed Numerous Successful Joint Ventures To Create
      Wealth For Himself And His Investors
    • Someone Who Has Invested In Canada And The US
    • And, invested through 3 different market cycles
    PAUL M. HECHT OFFERS A Platinum Mentorship Program:

    The Advanced Platinum Mentorship Program is for the advanced investor who has already taken other Real Estate investing courses, programs and coaching, and already owns or controls multiple rental properties. Now you are looking to either buy existing or building new, multi-family apartment buildings (5 units+) in Canada including but not limited to rezoning, new construction, utilizing your RRSP’s, JV’s and maximizing your existing portfolio.

    This program offers hands-on guidance and personal access to Paul M. Hecht, who has personally trained over 10,000+ Canadians through a group 3-Day Workshop.

    The Advanced Platinum Mentorship Program is a One-on-One Personal Mentorship for Ten (10) Full Months with direct access to Paul M. Hecht via email and scheduled phone calls.

    Because of the concentrated and focused time with Paul and his proven investing experience; his Platinum Mentorship Program has resulted in over 75% of his Mentorship students either becoming Millionaires or increasing their Net Worth by $1M in less than 5 years, regardless of their background or financial situation.

    As the results speak for themselves, his Advanced Platinum Mentorship Program is very limited and is only available through an application process and must be a fit for both sides. The complete Platinum Mentorship Program is $25K plus tax.

    From his first students over 17 years ago, Paul still applies the same proven strategies, techniques and investing principals that worked back then, along with new methods from many years of investing experience throughout a constant and ever changing market place.

    If the Advanced Platinum Mentorship program is something you are interested in, then simply fill out the link below and we will be in contact with you at our earliest opportunity.

    PAUL’S Mentorship Program INCLUDES:

    Personalized Assessment

    A personalized assessment of your own skills, time, personality, interests, resources and goals to lead you in an investing direction that best suits you.

    Personal Mentoring

    Consult with Paul M. Hecht (personally) via email and scheduled phone calls to review your plan, actual deals, various strategies, brain storming, marketing, analysis, joint ventures, raising capital, RRSP’s, and generally whatever questions or challenges you have during your Personalized Mentorship.


    “Our experience with Paul’s Mentorship program was excellent. He understands mentoring, knows how to challenge a student and he is very knowledgeable!”
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