It doesn’t take luck, a high-paying job, or a million dollars to invest in real estate.

Learn simple, down to earth, proven strategies to make money in any market, where to get money for your first property and then buy as much as you want, and shortcut your success by following real people who have actually done it.
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    Real People, Real Stories

    “Perfect for the novice right up to the advanced investor. The tips and ways around traditional financing really opened my eyes.”

    Welcome! I’m Paul M. Hecht, founder of Everyday Real Estate Millionaires.™

    I’m here to show you simple, down to earth, proven strategies that you can use to make money in any market regardless of the economy. Plus, where to get the money for your first deal and then continue to buy as many properties as you want while short cutting your path to success by following real people who have actually done it.

    When I say ‘real people,’ I mean school teachers, auto mechanics, couriers, trades people, contractors, builders, consultants, sales professionals, business owners, stay at home moms, retirees, etc. It could even be your neighbour.

    If you think you need a lot of money to invest in real estate, I’m here to tell you that you don’t. Many of my students including myself started from nothing with no inheritance or high paying job.

    I grew up in a blue collar household, my dad was a janitor, mom was a book keeper and I had many of the same questions you did.

    When I got into the real world, I had a failed business partnership at the age of 33 that almost destroyed me. And yet, I didn’t let that stop me. I managed to turn it all around and within 24 months, I became a millionaire with real estate and have been teaching everyday people how to do the same ever since.

    Now I’m an investor, best selling author, award winning Realtor, contributor for major real estate magazines, one of most sought after real estate coach and trainer in North America and regularly consult to celebrities, such as Scott McGillivray of Income Property on HGTV.

    EVERYDAY Real Estate MILLIONAIRES™ empowers the individual investor with knowledge, confidence, in-field support and hands on guidance through Home Study, Live Workshops and Events, Personal Mentoring. Our team can help you either get started or take your existing portfolio to the next level.

    The Book

    Learn How to Use Real Estate To Create The Life of Your Dreams!
    Discover the True Life Stories of 4 People from Different Walks of Life Who Went On to Become Everyday Real Estate Millionaires™.

    Mentorship Programs

    Connect with Paul personally!
    A personalized assessment of your skills, time, personality, interests, resources and goals to lead you in the direction that best suits you.

    “My experience with Paul’s Mentorship program was excellent. He understands mentoring, knows how to challenge a student and he is very knowledgeable. Knowing that Paul was there to help and direct me was reassuring and saved me thousands. I would highly recommend his mentorship training programs to anyone interested in challenging themselves to step up and profit in Real Estate.”

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