What Could You Accomplish if You Had Personal Access to Someone Who Went from Business Failure to Real Estate Millionaire in 24 Months? Someone who has personally:
  • flipped property  
  • assigned contracts
  • closed two contracts
  • simultaneously created a Canadian “pre-foreclosure” system which generated hundreds of thousands in profits 
    created the Original Rent-To-Own using Options and Sandwich Lease Options  
  • purchased multi-family apartment buildings
  •  completed several condo conversions
  • completed numerous successful joint ventures to create wealth for himself and his investors and
  • someone who has invested in Canada and the US?

Paul M. Hecht offers Two Custom Designed Platinum Mentorship Programs:


The One Year Platinum Mentorship Program is designed for the investor seeking to either invest in Real Estate full time, and/or seeking to purchase 3 or more properties within the next 12 months with hands-on guidance and personal access to Paul M. Hecht.

The Personal Platinum Mentorship Program is unlike any other coaching or mentoring program offered in Canada today. It is one-on-one personal mentorship programs with direct access to Paul M. Hecht via email, fax and phone. Because of the concentrated and focused time with Paul, his Personal One Year One-On-One Platinum Mentorship Program has resulted in over 75% of his Mentorship students becoming Millionaires in 5 years or Less!

Although other coaches and educators may have some success with their students and offer great information, no one else in the industry has achieved this high level of results over and over again. Paul is committed to his student’s success.

From his first students over 15 years ago, Paul still applies the same proven strategies and techniques that worked back then, along with new methods and refinements from the constant and ever changing marketplace.

  Both Mentoring Programs Include:


A personalized assessment of your own skills, time, personality, interests, resources and goals to lead you in the direction that best suits you.

Personal Mentoring

Consult with Paul M. Hecht (personally) via telephone, email, fax or in person, to review your plan, actual deals, various strategies, marketing, research, analysis, joint ventures and generally whatever questions or challenges you have during your Mentorship.

  To discuss program availability & application process, please email
customerservice@paulmhecht.com or call 1 800.217.8501 

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