Great Interview - thanks Paul.”
- CBC Radio, Geoff Turner

“Great guest with fabulous information.”
- Wendy Robbins, KTOS 101.9FM Radio, New Mexico

“I’ve heard many experts discuss real estate, yet no one is talking about investing based on your skills, resources AND personality. It’s brilliant!”
- Dr. Mike Davison, Life Design Coach

“Paul Hecht put the ‘Real’ in real estate. He breaks it down into easily digestible pieces that the average everyday person can understand. He is down to earth, very accessible and everyday people can relate to him.”
- Alicia Dunams,  Author GoalDigger,  Wealthy Girl Summit

“Wow Paul! I Have To Tell You: I Do About Six Shows A Week And You Are The One Person That Most People Want To Hear From.”
- Dr. D, Beyond Medicine Radio

“Paul is a fundamentally based investor and knows his stuff.”
- Doug Blackwell, 1510 KSNN, Financial News Radio, Phoenix

“It is safe to say that those who choose to have you as a speaker or mentor will be in for a treat.”
- Rob Tillman, Author of Xtrepreneur, Escape the Cycle

“Paul’s Advice is So Simple and Makes So Much Sense, Everyone Should Take Notes!”
- Anita Finley, Boomertimes Magazine & Radio
CFFR AM 660 NewsTalk Radio | Calgary

Geoff Turner | CBC Radio

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