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Real Estate is testing my wife's patience
Don, a 45-year old school vice principal bought as many rental properties as he could to fund his retirement. Retiring even sooner from his hectic day job with real estate would be ideal. However, after many years and several properties, unexpected maintenance costs and increased vacancies started eating up his families' vacation budget and testing his wife's patience. (Read More)
Market softens leaving boomers in trouble
Rick and Collette, a couple in their early 60's had owed several rental properties on and off over the past 20 years. Their final plan before retirement was to build a custom home and sell it for a profit. Then use the proceeds to pay off their current mortgage on their principal residence and live mortgage free. However, just as they had finished building their custom home, the market softened leaving them with two homes, two mortgages to pay and not sure what to do.  (Read More)
Couple not sure how to get started
Tim and Joleen, a couple in their mid thirties with 2 young children were realizing the high cost of raising a family. The thought of enjoying a lifestyle full of family vacations, time off and a balanced life while saving for the college fund, RRSPs and of course planning for their own retirement was overwhelming. How would they do it all. They knew that real estate could be the solution but weren't sure how to get started.  (Read More)
Retail income into Passive Income
We are busy retail store owners in our early sixties and we are getting the itch to slow down and retire. Having paid off our house and an established retail clientele, we'd like to transition from our active business income to a more passive income during our retirement years. Having tried many different investments from mutual funds and stocks, to raising ostrich's and even a few pyramid schemes (by accident of course), we are looking to invest our money safely. (Read More)
Buying our first Investment Property
We are busy professionals in our early 40's with two children and we know that it's time to buy that first investment property to secure our retirement. We've worked hard, paid off the mortgage on our primary residence and purchased a summer cottage. Now we want to buy an investment property and would love some help determining what the best type of property is to buy.  (Read More)
I work hard but can't get ahead
I'm a 30 year old, married IT consultant with my first child and second one on the way. With my wife on maternity leave we are down to one income with increasing expenses. I'd love to spend more time with my wife and daughter however, I don't see how this is possible. To get ahead in my line of work, I either have to move into middle management, which makes me a target when layoffs occur or, go oversees and relocate my children away from their grandparents. I work hard, but don't seem to be getting ahead and can't see my way out of this pattern. I have some equity in our home. Can we use it to turn this around so that I can spend more time with my family and control our financial future?
(Read More)
I own an Investment Property - should I buy more?
I'm an airline mechanic - have a good job, late 40's, married with no kids. I own my own home and recently bought a condo for investment. I want to continue to buy more investment property however, I'm wondering if I'm in over my head already?   (Read More)

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