The 3 Investment Rules You Dare Not Break  

Almost anyone can make money in an appreciating market. The real skill is making money in a flat or down market. Here are three rules you need to know about making money with real estate in good times and bad... (Read More)

Turn Your Home Into a Money Maker

During downward markets or recessionary periods, tightening belts, pinching pennies and cutting back spending is typical. As an investor, you may want to do the opposite…. (Read More)

How Many Properties Do You Really Need To Retire Rich?

As investors, we’ve been conditioned to believe that we should acquire as many rental properties as we can. Then hold them for 25 years until the mortgage is paid off and retire on the cash flow. So, how many do you really need for this plan to work? (Read More)

Build Your Wealth Fast

The thought of buying a rental property today and getting truly rewarded for that decision in 25 years is difficult for many - even less attractive if your age is getting away on you. After all, we can drive a new car out of the showroom with nothing down in a few short hours or even have it delivered to our door. So why do we have to wait so long for wealth? Is there a quicker way? (Read More)

How Much Is Your Property Really Worth?

I’m often surprised at the number of investors who do not know how to determine the value of real estate. As an investor, it is crucial that you are able to determine value for yourself and not leave it up to someone else. The three primary yet different ways of determining value with real estate are...
(Read More)

How to Become a Full Time Investor

Are you currently dabbling with your investments part time yet secretly desire to become a full time investor? If so, then this article will give you the recipe to becoming a successful full time investor...
(Read More)

Deconstructing Rent To Own

Rent To Owns tend to become more popular in a buyer’s market as sellers seek alternative ways of selling their properties. However, sellers, investors and tenants often make common, yet predictable mistakes. Understanding what a rent to own is, how it works, where it fails and how to protect your self as a seller, an investor or as a tenant, will make all the difference... (Read More)

Canadian FORECLOSURES at 50 cents on the dollar

“Foreclosures are all across the country as banks need to liquidate these non-performing assets off their books. Take advantage of these amazing bargains and buy them at 50 cents on the dollar. Most banks will take what is owed on the mortgage or less. Find out how through our foreclosure subscription”... (Read More)

Canadian Mortgage Defaults Jump 175% 

According to the Canadian Banker’s Association, by mid 2010 Canadian mortgages in arrears increased 175% from just 3 years ago. Is this the start of a similar US housing meltdown with numerous Canadians at risk of foreclosure? (Read More)

Finding Motivated Sellers

Clients often come to me in search of advice on how to find motivated sellers. The obvious assumption is that a motivated seller will be more flexible and more willing to give a better price and/or more favorable terms than a non-motivated seller. While this is not always the case, finding motivated sellers, understanding the source of their motivation and marketing to them can result in a…. (Read More)

Beat the Clock: Shave Years off Your Investment Plan

Many investors spend a great deal of time and effort thinking of complex ways to speed up their investment plan to build wealth faster. Here’s a simple and easy way to shave years off the investment clock…  (Read More)

The Truth about FSBO, Discount and Full Service Real Estate Brokerages

Selling a property in today’s market has many sellers overwhelmed by the numerous selling methods available. Many sellers wonder whether it’s best to sell FSBO (For Sale by Owner), use a discount brokerage with a reduced fee or service, or a full service brokerage. For most sellers it really comes down to... (Read More)

Attract Excellent Tenants Every Time

We’ve all heard the horror stories about tenants who stopped paying rent. Upon driving over to the property yourself to collect the overdue rent, you discover that your wonderful tenants (a young couple in love) have broken up and turned into a half brother, his new girlfriend, a few buddies, their 2 large dogs, 3 snakes and 4 birds... (Read More)

Facebookers Beware – Your Lenders are Watching

Could you imagine finding out that someone you know is going into foreclosure? Even worse, you and your entire social network community find out on facebook? Well, a lender who was attempting to foreclose on a home in Australia served notice on a defaulting borrower via Facebook. Since then, attorneys in New Zealand, England and Canada have all authorized... (Read More)

10 Steps To Buying a Top Performer

Most of us have heard that foreclosures, estate sales, motivated sellers, and nothing down deals are some of the most profitable ways for investors to make big money, right? Well, my experience has shown me that this generalization is actually false. It’s not so much how you buy, rather... When is Negative Cashflow Okay? I recently attended a Real Estate conference in which I was a guest panelist with many of Canada’s brightest investment experts. An audience member posed a question that was followed by a heated debate on the panel. The question was, “Is it ever okay to buy a negative cash flow property?”  (Read More)

Sell Your Property Fast

Regardless of how the current market is performing, there are three key areas that vendors need to focus on to secure a sale. Whether it’s a buyer’s market or seller’s market, there are really only three things to consider when selling any home... (Read More)

Cashing in on Basement Suites 

Basements are often seen as storage spaces and or the last resort of a living area. However, one of the best ways to increase your ROI is to add a basement suite to your rental or to your own home. Knowing the ins and outs takes some time to learn, but the rewards can pay off. Here are 5 common questions...
(Read More)

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